Email: dkalansky@lklaw.com.br

Daniel Kalansky works closely with Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission enforcement proceedings and has been involved in the greatest securities enforcement cases in the country defending the interests of public companies, investment funds, financial institutions, auditors and senior corporate officers.

He has a strong experience in Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Private Equity, Capital Market, and Arbitration related to corporate disputes. He participated in several acquisition projects for companies in Brazil, corporate reorganizations and structuring of several transactions and products in the financial and capital market. He worked as an international associate in New York for Holland Knight LLP and Covington & Burling. He is an arbitrator at the Market Arbitration Chamber (CAM) of the Brazilian Stock Exchange (B3) focused on corporate disputes.

Daniel is a professor of corporate transactions in the LLM program at Instituto de Ensino e Pesquisa – Insper. He has a master and PHD in Commercial Law from the University of São Paulo – USP and is president of the Instituto Brasileiro de Direito Empresarial – IBRADEMP, one of the leading international institutions dedicated to the study of Brazilian legal issues.

He is the author of the book “Enforcement Proceeding and Capital Market – Case law and Trends”, which presents an unprecedented analysis of the Brazilian SEC’s main trends and enforcement.

He co-wrote studies and articles published and law journals and magazines. He participated in several lectures and seminars of Corporate Law. He also wrote the book “Stock-for-Stock Exchange Transactions – Case Study and Precedents” (“Incorporação de Ações – Estudo de Casos e Precedentes”), co-wrote and coordinated the book: “Corporate Law: Current Aspects of the Brazilian and Compared Corporate Law” (“Direito Empresarial: Aspectos Atuais de Direito Empresarial Brasileiro e Comparado”) and the book “International Business Transactions with Brazil”.